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Discover our Mini-snips : To easily harvest, cut and chop your herbs with the Véritable® Mini-snips. This light and precise tool is essential to keep your plants strong and healthy.

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Inspired by the traditional Japanese scissors, the Véritable® mini-snips for herbs are made of exceptionally sharp carbon steel blades. They offer a very precise and neat cut for your plants.

 Very light, they fit in one hand and can be used with a simple press of the thumb, thanks to the action of the spring. These mini-snips are thus much easier to use than traditionnal shears.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor garden maintenance :
To easily clean up your plants, cut faded flowers and leaves, pick fruits and veggies, harvest and chop your aromatic herbs, effortlessly.

Maintain your Véritable® garden

By frequently cutting, cleaning and harvesting your plants with the Véritable® ini-snips, you'll get regular and generous harvests during several months.

Cleaning up faded leaves and flowers encourage the development of the plants and enable to keep a clean and healthy garden.


Data sheet

Dimensions 10,4 cm
Weight 14 g
Specifications Keep out of the reach of children 
Compatibility Compatible for indoor and outdoor gardens
Waranty 2 years
Colour Black
Material Carbon steel blades, plastic handles
Use Clean before first use. Clean with water and soap and dry immediately. If no use, store in original packaging to protect blades.
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